How To Start The Therapy..??

Step - 1 : Share Your Health Concern

1. Answer quick question to Fill up the form & Register online. Share your Health Concern & Symptoms with us. 

2. Choose a Health Plan & Pay.

Register for the Therapy

Step - 2 : Receive MagEn Health Box & Therapy Module

1. Your MagEn Health Box will be Delivered to your address. 

2. MagEn experts will Look into your problem & prepare your Treatment Module & share it on your Whatsapp with Instructions. 

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Step - 3 : Experience the MagEn Magic & Be Healthy..!

1. Start Your Therapy, Monitor Your Progress & Consult Experts from your Whatsapp. Experience the results in just 48 hours. 

2. A Daily Progress Monitor will analyse your growth & progress with the therapy. Monitor Your progress with the Progress Monitor. 

Well, Now Tell Us - What's The Issue With Your Health?

Mental Health

Insomnia : 

Sleeplessness | Disturbed Sleep | Bad Dreams | Dark Circles | Tiredness | 

Anxiety : Restlessness | Breathlessness | Panic Attacks - SOS

Stress : Lack of Focus | Decision Making | Tension

Depression : Dark feeling of being Low...

Choose This Plan | MagEn Magnets | Rs. 2500/-

Physical Health

Physical Pain:  

Joint Pain | Back Pain| Heel Pain | Hand & Shoulder| Neck Pain | Knee Pain | Ankle Pain | Wrist/Finger Pain  

Digestion : 

Gastritis | Constipation | Stomach ache | Diarrhea | Vomiting | Colitis | Indigestion | Acidity

Migraine : Headache with Pounding |  | Headache | Sinusitis |  

PCOD : Periods - Delay or Early | Pain | Cysts | Mood Swings

Choose This Plan | MagEn Magnets | Rs. 2500/-

Emotional Health

Anger Management 

Chronic Over Thinking 

Feeling Hurt

Over Sensitive

Over Emotional 

Lack of Happiness

Feeling Low

Choose This Plan | MagEn Magnets | Rs. 2500/-

Lifestyle Health Problems

Heel Pain

Back Pain

Eye Pain

Acid Reflux

Choose This Plan | MagEn Magnets | Rs. 2500/-

Perceptive Incurable Problems

Vertigo | Tinittus | Others 

Tried Everything and still didn't find a solution, Give us a ring... 

We will put our best minds to solve your health problem...

Give us a Chance..!

We will Try Our Best...

Choose This Plan | MagEn Magnets | Rs. 2500/-

Chronic Health Problems




Cervical Pain | Arthritis 

Asthma |  Breathlessness | Bronchitis Claustrophobia |  Behavioral Disorders | Other Allergies and Phobias 


Didn't Find Your Health problem listed?

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MagEn Magnets & MagEn Rings


There will a combination of Power Magnets depending on your Health Problem.

Rs. 2,500/-


Number o

This is Used for Select 10 problems: 

Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Panic Attacks, Digestion, Acid Reflux, Pain management, PCOD, Migraine.

It is the second level of Treatment to prevent the health problem in Future. 

Number of Rings depend on the Health problem selected. 

Rs. 2,500/-

MagEn_Magnets & Rings : Combo

Number of Magnets & Rings depend on the Health problem selected.  

rs. 4,100/-

How To Apply Magnets

Refer to the Therapy Module send on Whatsapp

Take out the magnets and keep the magnets on the table. 

Please note there are 2 sides on the magnets. 

Stick the side of the magnet on the tape which is visible to you on the chart and the other side should touch the skin on your finger. 

Cut the Tapes - Number of Tapes should be equal to the magnets

Cut the Tape into small pieces, so that it can hold magnets and softly stick on to your fingers. 

Stick the Magnets on the Tape - Check the side

Stick the magnets on the tape and move to the next step. Make sure the right side of the magnet is on your skin.

Stick the Magnets on your finger or Hand as shown in the chart

Now Stick the magnets with the tape on your finger. 

Make sure you cover all the points shown in the chart

There could be 4-5 points shown on your chart. 

These chart would be different each day make sure you are referring to the right charts.

Let the Magic Begin..!!

Sit back and relax, now experience the MagEn Magic.. 

Repeat the process for all the next few days till the time you are requested to take the Therapy. 

MagEn's '1-5' Point Treatment For Everyday Health Naturally

Gastritis and Constipation

Treat Gastritis and Constipation by Applying one point treatment with MagEn Rings ...

Start Your Treatment

Insomnia | Stress | Anxiety

With MagEn Rings and 2 Point application You can keep the Stress away and sleep more peacefully every night..



Hae Gals, PCOD shouldn't Stop you from living your life... Here are the 5 point treatments for regularizing your periods with MagEn Rings. .. 

Share Your Symptoms, Talk to Our Experts

Why Natural Automation of Health is the Best !!

See What Can MagEn Do For You :)

FAQ's : Have a Question - Ask here..

What is Acupressure Magnet Therapy ?

Acupressure Magnet Therapy is the advance version of Acupressure. In this therapy magnets are applied on the Pressure Points on meridians called the Acu-Pressure Points to treat the medical condition. 

Magnet therapy is one of the most advanced treatments available today in naturotherapy. Some of the international organizations like NASA has used it to treat their Astronauts and currently California Stem Cells Agency is using magnets to conduct research on the stem cells. Read more about it on our "Science Behind MagEn" page. 

Still have Doubts - Read About The Latest Research by California Stem Cells Agency

Is it Effective and 100% Natural ?

Look at the customers endorsing it, Celebrities who have taken the therapy, Friends and Colleagues who have tried it... All here :)

Yes, It is 100% Natural and No Side-effects..

MagEn Lovers

How Does MagEn Work ?

Well - 3 Simple Steps: 

1. Register and Select Your Health Plan 

2. Receive Your MagEn Health Box at Home & Therapy module on Whatsapp

3. Start the Treatment :)

Pretty easy, Convenient, Hassle free.


Can I take the Therapy at Home or Office | During the Day or Night?

Anytime Anywhere in 3 simple steps  - Go Natural and Automate Your Health Today..

At Office, At Home, While you are Travelling or on a Vacation during Day or night - MagEn Automates your health..

Yes - Anytime - See our Plans

What is the duration of Treatments ?

Well, We would love for your to get healthy in 1 minute or 1 day or 1 week.. but Be real.. How long have you had the problem decides - how long it will take to manage the condition :) .....

But here is a what we observed with our other patients: 

  1. Healthy Everyday : Need to apply the points Everyday  
  2. Everyday Problems : Between - 3 to 15 days  
  3. Chronic  Problems : Between - 30 to 45 or upto 60 days 

Yeah... that's True. But we have seen results faster depending on What's your Lifestyle like.. and also Immunity and some other factors like -

  • Is this the only medical condition you have, Or
  • A Combination of 2-3 health problems 
  • Surgery in the past
  • Dependency on medicines 
  • Health Quotient - Medical History and Reports

All of this helps us give you exact treatment, faster results and quick relief..

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Why Pay So Much for Naturotherapy ????? Will I get Cured completely ? What if it Doesn't work ?

Naturotherapy is a science of treating your body from within, which obviously is the best thing to do but if you like taking medicines - Go-ahead :) ....

We believe Natural Treataments are best since they restore your health in a non-chemical way and which is more long lasting and effective... 

Guarantees ???

Look we will try our best - we have your  best interest at heart but do you know It's you who needs to believe and try - We can Only Help... Having said - " We have got awesome reviews and lovely patients who are gaga over MagEn.. Read about them here..

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