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The biggest magic on this earth is the feeling of love, Have you 'Invested Love' in 'Yourself'?

I did and found, 'Wisdom, Gratitude and Compassion'. I want to share my journey with you guys too, see what you find and share it with us too.. With Love and Grace and Gratitude and Compassion and Wisdom.. 

Team MagEn.

If You have have ever wondered - "How to Start Again?"

Seven Stages of Self - Improvement


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A Cocktail of more than 300 Online Self -Development courses


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Action Points from '450' Bestseller Books


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If The Famous 'Bhagvad Gita' was an Action Plan !!

Module - 1 : Clear The Clutter | Getting Started



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Module - 2 : Begin Again | Deconstruct & Reconstruct Your Life


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Module - 3 : Performance Review & Preparing for the Life Ahead



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Module - 4 : Life Planning and Hard work



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Module - 5 : Manifesting the Dream Life



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Module - 6 : Peak Performance | Moon Shot



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Luv_Invested : Invest Love In Yourself

A Movement to Re-discover yourself .. 

Watch this Video to understand, "Why We Started This Movement?".. 

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Luv_Invested Aims to help you re-start your life, organize your life better, to motivate you to life Healthy and Happy with a Motto - Wisdom, Gratitude and Compassion : We are here to learn from everything in this universe- see how we can use it in our life to better it and be more wise.. To be Grateful for having been this privileged - to have been educated, given proper food and shelter and being graced upon by the Universe.. so to be grateful and to express our gratitude we are here to share everything we are learning to make our lives better to make this world a better place, help fellow beings live a more compassionate and happy life.. Because we believe Love is the greatest force that exists on this planet.. and with love we can make this world a better place..  Love is the Answer to our All our Quest..