Acupressure Magnet Therapy

What is AMT ?

AMT - Acupressure Magnet Therapy 

A combination of Acupressure & Magnet Therapy. 

How does it work ?

Magnet activate the pressure points located on your palms 

What are MagEn Magnets ?

Four Power Magnets that activate your cells to perform better.

Science of Symptoms & AMT

Even the smallest change or symptoms your body gives or shows matters. 

At MagEn we capture that.. The Science of Symptoms.. 

AI, Machine Learning & AMT

AI & Machine Learning 

MagEn & AMT

It was necessary to revolutionize the therapy to make an impact.

Type of MagEn Magnets & How it Works.. ?


ChakRa magnets help in restoring the energy of the organs which are drained out. 


Steel magnets. 


Bar Magnets.


Byol magnets