MagEn: What Do We Do ?? Well, Help You Be Healthy Again !

MagEn helps you Restore & Reclaim your Health & Happiness, with Acupressure Magnet Therapy..

In Just 3 Easy & Simple Steps: 

- Refer to Therapy Chart shared on Whatsapp

1. Cut The Tape

2. Stick the Magnet on Tape

3. Wrap it on Your Finger


Take it : 

- From Home or Office 

- No Clinic Visits

- Under 5 Minutes

How To Be Healthy ?  

- Share Your Health Concern

- Choose The Plan

- Get Your MagEn Magnets & Rings Home Delivered in 2 Hours*

Try 48 Hours or Take Your Money Back

- Be Naturally Healthy, Automatically.

Want To Know How Healthy You Are, Take A Quick Test..

We Focus on Your Health Concerns .. !!

Mental Health


Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, SOS _ Panic Attacks, Worry, Tension, Nervousness

Physical Health


Digestion | Pain Management |  Migraine  | PCOD

Emotional Health



Anger Management | Chronic Over Thinking | Feeling Hurt | Over Sensitive

Over Emotional | Lack of Happiness

Feeling Low

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Want to Start, Here is What You Need To Do ?


Step: 1 - Share

Answer 3 Simple Questions 

To 'Tell Us Your Health Problem & Symptoms'


Step: 2 - Receive

Your MagEn Health Box at home

Therapy Chart on Whatsapp

Delivery Details Here

Step: 3 - Be Healthy Again..!!

Experience MagEn's Inner Healing Intelligence in just 48 Hours...!!

Monitor Your Progress with our progress monitor and feel the change...

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MagEn : Automating Your Inner Health

Our body is designed in such a way to function automatically without external interference.. It's true.. Isn't it.?

MagEn is a AI and Machine Learning based health tech start-up which uses  Acupressure Magnet Therapy to manage Health Conditions to restore your health automatically and naturally.  

MagEn - Stands for Magnet Energy. 

Do you know Magnets are also used in some of the most famous medical treatments and diagnostic tests like MRI

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MagEn - The Combination of 3 Powerful Technologies

1. Human Body Science


MagEn works on the Intelligence network of the Nervous System in human body.  

 Automating your health using the intelligence of Human Body Itself.  

2. AI & Machine Learning

acupressure magnet therapy

MagEn aims at digitizing this treatment to give billions an access to this natural and one of the most advanced scientific method to manage medical conditions. After all there is nothing better than curing your body from within naturally. 

3. Magnet Energy


Acupressure Magnet Therapy treats medical conditions by stimulating particular functions of that organ with Application of magnets on your fingers and palms. 

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Love from our Patients

health benefits of magnets

Health is priceless.. We helped many restore their health ... Come watch it hear.. see what they feel.. 

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